September 04, 2020

Ph.D. candidate Sam Gubmin joins the Team!

May 22, 2020

Maggie's paper on prion-like transmission is out in eLife!

October 01, 2020

Two new postdocs join in 1 day! Welcome Celeste and Francesco!

August 10, 2019

Lab expedition to Angel Island!

July 01, 2019

Dara started a new position at Denali Therapeutics. We'll miss you, Dara!

June 06, 2019

Colin started a new job at Mantra Biosciences. Good luck, Colin!

February 24, 2019

Jada Cho Joins Kopito Lab team as Life Sciences Research Professional. Welcome, Jada!

January 06, 2019

Airila started a new job at Cepheid. Best of luck Airlia!

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